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What if you could design your life YOUR WAY?

What would you choose?

What if life and creating IS easier than you've ever imagined?

Would you be open to having things work out with total ease?

The foundation for all My Life My Design's programs are based in the following 5 elements.

align my life mydesign

Are you currently in ALIGNMENT with your highest SELF experiencing your life?

What if you CLEARED all the blocks standing in the way of what you want?  What would be possible then?

As you make choices in your life, are you choosing from your INTUITION or something else?

Are you CREATING your life or living on default?

How well do you TRUST your SELF, your path and the choices you make?  What if you could just do THAT?

Bianca J.

I started working with Tamara in April of 2014… She is a beam of light and a huge source of love, happiness and guidance.  She’s changed my life, and nothing in the world could ever replace what she’s brought to me.

Bianca J. San Diego, CA
Anuschka G.

Tamara is a ball of energy! She is real and says it how she sees it with nothing but love behind it all! I LOVED working with Tamara and will continue to work with this amazing lady because of all the differences I have already noticed in such a short period of time since meeting her. My Life My Design ALL THE WAY!







Anuschka G. San Diego, CA

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